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UVR Stable and Chemical Resistant 

Modern agriculture is facing a huge issue. With many arable lands being lost over recent years, and much more decrease estimated in the future, another farming solution was required. The ever increasing demand for food production from the growing population is not going to slow. A relatively new method of hydroponics is being embraced by many as the future of agriculture. 
Instead of growing crops in one layer such as a field or greenhouse, food is produced in vertically stacked layers. Much more food can be produced per square metre. This is a huge benefit for food manufacturers and due to the controlled environment in which food is produced crops can be grown all year round. Massive yields of crops can be lost due to adverse weather conditions when using traditional farming methods. The introduction of vertical farming allows for a risk free way to produce plenty of food to meet the increasing demand. 
As an area of food production many stringent health and safety requirements must be met and adhered to. This includes the flooring. Vertical farming environments require an easily maintained floor solution. Ease of cleaning is imperative in order to keep the space hygienically clean. 
The flooring must be able to withstand the arduous environment without damage and have a long life span. A chemical resistant resin floor is essential. When thinking of vertical farming, think hydroponic facilities, enhanced chemicals feeds, extreme high exposure from HPS, MH & LED lighting systems. 
Our resin flooring solutions for vertical farming consist of seamless, non-porous slip resistant and UVR stable systems available in a wide range of colours in both matt and gloss finishes. Meaning these floors exceed health and safety guidelines and provide a resin floor solution that meets the clients requirements. 
The surface of our resin flooring solutions designed for vertical farming is impermeable to stop any bacteria growth and build up. With this in mind the seam free finish prevents bacteria build up in grouting or creases making our resin flooring solutions compliant with food grade health and safety standards. 

Benefits of this system include: 

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Protects concrete from oil and chemical spillages 
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Virtually solvent free 
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Non dusting 
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Slip resistance options available 
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Approximately 400 microns thickness from two coats 
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Is available in all RAL colours upon request 
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Seamless finish 
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Qualified installers 
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Protected by warranties 
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