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A - Epoxy, polyurethane & MMA resin flooring all come in a variety of thickness ranging from 0.3mm to 12mm. 
A - Yes, epoxy, polyurethane & MMA resin flooring all have possible anti-slip variants that can achieve a range of PTV values to suit all projects. 
A - Trafficking for epoxy, polyurethane & MMA resin flooring can start from as little as everyday foot traffic through to trolleys, pallet trucks, fork lifts & HGV's. 
A - Yes, we install all our epoxy, polyurethane & MMA resin floors as per the FerFa guidelines. 
A - Yes, we have partners who provide heavy duty (HD) resin flooring 
products suitable to meet M12 heavy duty flooring specifications. 
A - generally standard epoxy, polyurethane resin floors take 7 days from the final application to reach full chemical cure. However, their are MMA, polyaspartic and many other resin flooring products that can cure as quick as 30 minutes. 
A - This is all dependant on the manufacturer and specification being followed. However, generally their will be a standard colour chart for the materials being used with the option of cost uplift for choosing a colour outside of the standard colour chart. 
A - Yes, we can supply the correct resin floors that achieve impermeable finishes & even systems that come with HACCP certifications. 
A - Yes, our partners offer various decorative finishes as well as our own bespoke penny floors and 3D floors. 
A - Unfortunately not. There are very few manufacturers that offer possible primers that can go over existing tiles, however, we at S&R Flooring would never offer this as an option due to the complications this can cause. with regards to soft flooring such as laminate carpet etc these all have to be taken off back to the existing subfloor. 
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A - this is all dependant on the environments, trafficking, and systems chosen & applied - we generally use 5 to 12 years dependant on the product used. 
A - Yes, over time due to trafficking, UV exposure the Non-UVR stable resins will fade or even change in colour as these are natural mineral based polymers. 
A - No, not all resin flooring systems require a flat surface. We even offer resin wall systems that can be applied vertically. 
A - Epoxy, polyurethane & MMA resin floors are cleaned in many ways; from traditional mopping to mechanical rotary washing systems that use steam up to 150 degrees celsius, these are all environmentally determined for best results. 
A - Yes, all our resin flooring applications come with a operating & maintenance manual if required. 
A - our warranties start at a standard 52 weeks on application & product-specific warranties, i.e 3 years starting all the way up to 10 years on application to 15 years on product. 
A - Yes, if the original warranty is no longer valid and you would like to extend, we book an appointment to the view the existing floors condition, we then offer a maintenance programme, where we would determine and agree a duration for the new warranty to get the floor back to its full performance. 
A - No, not all systems can be used for both internal & external use. However, we would carry out a site visit with our manufacturer in attendance to specify and determine a product that caters for the environmental conditions it may be put up against. 
A - Yes, these systems if well maintained can add value as well as curb appeal to your property, whether it be industrial, commercial or domestic. 
A - This is all dependant on the system chosen & the environmental conditions were expect to apply the system within, contributing factors that have effect on the install duration are the amount of layers required, the temperature levels of the substrate and seasons of the year, these can effect curing duration giving project delays. However, this is usually 2 to 6 days depending the size of area being undertaken. 
A - Yes, we offer Quality Assurance documentation with our installations if required. 
A - Yes, we offer our partners' standard epoxy, polyurethane & MMA resin flooring samples, However any benchmark or non-standard sample would be at costs to the client. 
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