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Anti-Static and Electrostatic Discharge Resistant Flooring 

There are certain environments that require specialised anti-static and ESD flooring solutions. 
From data centres, aerospace and munitions plants to pharmaceutical environments and assembly plants, these areas create a large amount of ESD. We experience ESD every day in the form of static electricity. In its every day form it can cause a slight shock, that although uncomfortable is harmless. In these environments the harm ESD can cause is a lot worse. 
If high levels of ESD are not safely grounded and discharged it can lead to damage to goods within the area and also staff working there. Health and safety is of the utmost importance when managing and creating a potentially dangerous environment. Without control of ESD the results could be catastrophic. 
The purpose of anti-static and ESD flooring solutions is to provide the necessary discharge required for the given environment. This can differ depending on the intended use of the area. Not only is an anti-static or ESD flooring solution required to protect those within the working environment but also certain equipment. Some electrical components found in data centres, within aerospace in flight towers and in labs and hospitals are so sensitive to minute changes in electrical current that without grounding they could suffer damage and malfunction. It is imperative that such delicate components are kept stable at all times. 
In such critical environments the highest level of hygiene is required. Rigorous cleaning regimes will be complied with to ensure the cleanliness of the environment and the safe operation of the equipment. Our anti-static & ESD resin flooring solutions consist of a hygienic, non-porous, seamless finish allowing for high cleanability when carrying out these strict cleaning regimes. 
Choosing the right anti-static and ESD flooring for the environment is an important task. There are many considerations to take into account including the demands of the environment, the relevant electrical code, industry standards for electrical resistance and charge generation. In addition it is advisable to take into account the type of footwear that will be worn on the anti-static and ESD flooring as this can affect the choice. 

Benefits of this system include: 

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Protects concrete from oil and chemical spillages 
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Virtually solvent free 
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Non dusting 
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Slip resistance options available 
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Approximately 400 microns thickness from two coats 
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Is available in all RAL colours upon request 
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Seamless finish 
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Qualified installers 
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Protected by warranties 
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