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Resin Floors for Outbuildings and Garages 

It’s easy to overlook the floor when it comes to garages and outbuildings. However, it’s one of the most important factors that determines how you’re able to use these outside spaces. They need to be strong enough to withstand damage from spilt chemicals, oils and road salt being trodden in from outside, as well as cope with dropped tools or machinery. So, many homeowners turn to resin floor systems to provide the necessary protection to their garage or outbuildings floors. 
Seamless, chemical resistant garage and outbuilding resin floor systems offer an effective, fast and stain-free flooring solution for outbuildings and garages. Impressively low maintenance and easy to clean, they’re widely used in commercial, industrial and domestic environments. The surface is permeable which means moisture is able to drain away rather than building up on the surface and the seam-free finish prevents bacteria building up in grouting or creases. 
They’re not just practical either, they can add a decorative aesthetic to a space thanks to long lasting, impenetrable finishes. For wet environments, we offer a non-slip finish variant that reduces risk of slips, trips and falls which is particularly important for commercial workplaces. Don’t underestimate the importance of a suitable, strong and smart flooring solution for outbuildings or garages, they can transform the way you use the space and prevent unsightly stains and costly repairs. 
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