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Automotive Workshops and Dealerships 

It’s no surprise that automotive workshop flooring needs to be hardwearing, but that doesn't mean it can’t look good. Modern vehicle workshops regularly see spillages of oil, grease, petrol, diesel and other chemicals, so you’ll want a floor that is resistant to the damage these chemicals can cause. Our systems offer an impermeable, seamless finish that offers abrasion, chemical and slip-resistance while being able to take the weight of heavy loads without causing damage to the floor. 
Seamless resin flooring not only means your floor is protected against the effects of spillages, but they’re easier to clean up too. Slip resistance is also one of the biggest benefits of resin flooring, especially in a commercial setting such as the automotive industry where accidents can be particularly nasty. 
The job of dealerships and car showrooms is to showcase the cars, and this includes everything that’s around and underneath them too. A decorative or even non-decorative resin floor helps a space look clean, well maintained and gives customers the right impression about your business. Plus, these products come in a variety of colours so can even reflect your brand colours if required. 
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Oil resistant 
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Slip resistant 
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Seamless finishes 
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HS&E approved 
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All RAL colours available upon request 
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Chemical resistant 
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Protected by warranties 
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